Flexible technical products have undeniable advantages :

  1. Tooling cost reduced compared to rotational molding
  2. Decrease of weight
  3. Constant pressure drain without flow corrections
  4. Improved life of contained liquids
  5. Flexibility
  6.  No important empty space

Particulated filter bag 

Material: TPU – Waterproof, easily housed in the interior, weight gain and space, cleans the ceramics that trap particles.


Cooler bag battery

Material: TPU – Waterproof, lightweight, low tooling costs


Heater bag
Material : TPU 
Battery fluid bag with differentiated input and output to temper the flow. Suitable for thermal application


Dose of grease
Material : TPU 
Fat quantity for constant velocity joints. Waterproof to keep the lubricant inside and prevent external contamination. Tear resistance.

Applications areas :

  • Heater bag
  • Airbag protections
  • Seating cushion
  • Particulated filter bag
  • Bags for single use
  • Bags for water tank

Material :

We mainly use TPU, an ideal material to keep the elasticity of the bags between 40 ° C and 80 ° C, material resistant to fatigue and abrasion.

Global offer :

  • Supply, assembly, assembly of ducts, valves, tubes, valves
  • Labeling, engraving or logo stamping
  • Realization of bags of complex form
  • Possibility to supply the safety cover (see our rigid solutions for transport)
  • 100% tightness control
  • Individual identification by barcode